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List of courses available for exchange students in academic year 2023/24

The following listed courses are available for Erasmus and bilateral students  at Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology CUT


C_W1: Aluminosilicates – basics and industrial applications  1 ECTS
C_W2: Basics of drug design 1 ECTS
C_W3: Cosmetic Emulsions – Troubleshooting of products quality/stability 3 ECTS
C_W4: Elements of physical chemistry of polymers 1 ECTS
C_W5: Innovation in drug discovery technology    1 ECTS
C_W6: Nanomaterials 2 ECTS
C_W7: Raw materials and processes of inorganic chemical technology    6 ECTS
C_W8: Raw materials and processes of organic chemical technology    6 ECTS
C_W9: Technologies for nutrients recovery form biowaste -Contradictions, mistakes and future trends 2 ECTS
C_W10: Application of neural networks 1 ECTS
C_W11: Essentials of Practical Microbiology 1 ECTS
C_W12: Polymers in medicine and pharmacy 2 ECTS
C_W13: Principles of polymers systems 3 ECTS
C_W14: Physicochemical analysis of selected food products 1 ECTS
C_W15: Microbiology 2 ECTS
C_W16: Bio-printing 3 ECTS
C_W17: Photopolymerization  3 ECTS
C_W18: 3D printing (Additive Technologies) 3 ECTS
C_W19: Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering 5 ECTS
C_W20: Biopolymers 3 ECTS


C_S1: Basic CAD simulations and processing 3 ECTS
C_S2: Biochemical reactors engineering 5 ECTS
C_S3: Biofuels and bioresources 5 ECTS
C_S4: Calculational methods in chemical engineering 2 ECTS
C_S5: Chemical reactions engineering     3 ECTS
C_S6: Computer modelling in chemical technology     6 ECTS
C_S7: Inorganic chemical technology    1 ECTS
C_S8: Introduction to industrial catalytic processes    1 ECTS
C_S9: Organic chemical technology    2 ECTS
C_S10: Process control and industrial measurements    2 ECTS
C_S11: Sustainable trends in  biotechnological wastewater treatment 2 ECTS
C_S12: Circular economy and the power of biowaste 1 ECTS
C_S13: Modern medical devices     2 ECTS
C_S14: Aerosols and nanotechnology      2 ECTS
C_S15: Modern methods of synthesis      2 ECTS
C_S16: Chemistry of modern polymeric materials       2 ECTS
C_S17: Selected analytical and instrumental techniques in inorganic chemistry 1 ECTS
C_S18: Engineering of Renewable Energy Sources 5 ECTS
C_S19: Green molecules from biomass valorisation 3 ECTS
C_S20: English technical terminology and academic writing   2 ECTS

Minimum number of students to run the course is 6.

Plus courses available at other faculties, including Polish for exchange students (up to 30% of courses from other faculties will be accepted, excluding Polish 5 ECTS)

Winter or Spring semester:

C_R1: individual Research project – B.Sc. level 10 ECTS (5 months exchange) or M.Sc. level 20 ECTS (10 months exchange) – research project can be implemented in departments C1-C6 depending on the student’s research interests.

The topics of research projects must be in line with the research and teaching activities of Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology and  must be agreed before signing the Learning Agreement. The students are supervised by experienced Researchers (CUT retains ownership rights to project results).

During mobility student assigned to Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology can not decline courses at our Faculty and take courses at different Faculties – only max. 30% of courses from other faculties is allowed.

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Konkurs na stypendium naukowe w projekcie SONATA-17 (NCN)

Wydział Inżynierii i Technologii Chemicznej Politechniki Krakowskiej ogłasza konkurs na stypendium naukowe dla studenta w projekcie: SONATA-17 (NCN) pt.: „Analiza możliwości chemolizy bio-materiałów poliuretanowych syntezowanych

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