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Innovative Chemical Technologies (ICT) – Master of Science studies

The Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology invites foreign students to enrol on 4-semester master studies in English for a major in Innovative Chemical Technologies (ICT). The studies are conducted within the project no. POWR.03.03.00-00-M070/16 titled “International programme of education on Innovative Chemical Technologies” subsidized from the European Union funds.

The first semester of the 4-semester master studies consists of an intensive course in the Polish language for foreigners, including tutorials in grammar, written language, communication, general vocabulary, reading and understanding text as well as specialized vocabulary, which will be conducted by experienced teachers from The International Centre of Education at the Cracow University of Technology ( Moreover, it includes revision and remedial classes in chemistry, mathematics, engineering graphics and theory of machines (for students who have completed 3-year bachelor studies).
Major and specialization courses related to industrial catalysis, organic and inorganic technology, production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, modern biotechnologies and analytical methods in chemical technology will be carried out from the 2nd to the 4th semester of the studies.

To cover the expenses of accommodation and stay in Poland throughout the period related to the studies syllabus (from 10.2017 till 06.2018; from 10.2018 till 06.2019) the Faculty ensures monthly scholarships in the amount of 1500 PLN for 12 best foreign students on condition that they complete the full cycle of studies and obtain a diploma upon the completion of the studies. In the case of resignation during the course of the studies the scholarship must be refunded.

Additionally, a summer school of the Polish language and culture for foreigners is planned to take place in Krakow in July 2018. This will consist of 12 days of intensive classes in not only Polish specialist vocabulary but also extended terminology related to cultural issues and films as well as additional visits to museums and places of historical and cultural significance. Every day will comprise 7 hours of tutorials; we also ensure meals as well as additional scholarship to cover accommodation (550 PLN/person).

The enrolment on the 4-semester master studies in English for a major in Innovative Chemical Technologies will take place in the summer 2017 in accordance with the application procedure for master studies in the English language, which is observed by the International Relations Office at the Cracow University of Technology.

UkrainianChinese (Simplified)FrenchGermanEnglishPolish

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