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First and last days at CUT:

All students planning to study at CUT within Erasmus + programme should contact first the main Erasmus Office and complete all necessary formalities.

The details about the deadlines, important documents and procedures are given at web-site:

International students coming to Cracow University of Technology within other bilateral agreements, as well as students planning to complete whole studies at faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology should contact International Relations Office. Number of important information can be found at their web-site:

Both mentioned Offices will help you fill the applications and answer all your question.

These offices you should also contact just before coming to Cracow and your first steps should be directed to them.

To speed-up the procedure of student’s ID card preparation at Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology please send e-mail to your coordinator (dr hab. inż. Izabela Czekaj, including filled document “ID card fee” (the document can be downloaded here, or from section Erasmus / Pliki – files). You should receive back the information about personalized account number, where you should pay 17 złotych (this is a student’s ID card fee). The confirmation of payment should be sent back to coordinator and your card should be ready for first meeting (information about first meeting should be given at Erasmus/Incoming students site).

Erasmus students can propose a changes to Learning Agreement during first 2 weeks after beginning of each semester.

Before your examination you shall have another group meeting with your coordinator, who will give you a personalized Assessment cards (Karta ocen) – the document where all your grades will be written by appropriate teachers (responsible for separate courses). Complete Assessment card should be returned to coordinator, who will prepare on that basis your Transcript of Records document.

Before leaving – visit last time your coordinator. You should have a filled document “leaving card” (you will get it from Erasmus Office or International Relation Office, or you can download it from Pliki/Files folder) and leave your students ID card. After that, your Transcript of Records will be sent by post directly to your home university.

UkrainianChinese (Simplified)FrenchGermanEnglishPolish

General information:

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CUT International Relations Office:


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